Trench is a worldwide reputated manufacturer of high voltage products like instrument transformers, bushings and reactors.Trench_logo_W

Trench has 12 factories in the world and more than 3.000 employees.

The range of the instruments transformers covers :
–      Oil paper insulated or SF6 insulated Current Transformers (CT) used for current metering and protection in high voltage network systems.
–      Oil paper insulated or SF6 insulated Inductive Voltage Transformers (IVT)
–      Capacitive Voltage Transformers (CVT)
–      Combined Current and Voltage Transformers

The range of the bushings covers :
–       Transformers bushings oil-air, oil-SF6 and oil-oil
–       Generator bushings
–       Wall bushings for internal and external use
–       Switchgear bushings

The range of coils products covers :
–       Air core reactors
–       Line traps
–       Variable shunt reactors

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