Acorel is the international leader of Accurate Automatic People Counting Solutions with more than 35.000 access installed worldwide.ACOREL_logo

Acorel combines experience and know-how to guarantee customized solutions and an accuracy greater than 97 % (proven by video recording).

-People counting systems
On board solutions (tramways, bus, train, metro).
Only one 3D Video Sensor is installed above each door.
Acorel offers different technical solutions to transfer counting data from the vehicle to the server via an on board interface or via WIFI or via GPS/GPRS module.
A data management software FOCUS performs the analysis of all counting and maintenance data (statistic, graphic, report,…)

Static solutions (stations, airports,…)
Different kinds of technologies are used (laser, infrared sensors,…).
The counting data transmission is automatic via LAN or WAN interface or via serial links or via Optical Fibre.

Retail solutions (shopping centers, retailers, museums,..)
Acorel offers a full automatic people counting package for retailers and shopping centres :
integration studies, installation, laser counter, data management software, maintenance reporting, project management.

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